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Agricultural Equipment

Lease, Hire Purchase or Loan Finance
Fixed Rate Finance
Seasonal Repayments

Kingsmill Finance is best placed at understanding farmers needs as Gordon has not only gained experience in sales and Asset Finance over the years but he also runs a suckler herd on his own farm, therefore he can bring knowledge as well as experience.

Kingsmill Finance can offer competitive Asset Finance for a range of items for your Farm. Payments can be structured to suit your seasonal cash flow, from Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Annually or perhaps a pause in payments when income is low and increased in times of higher production. We can tailor a package to suit you.

Kingsmill Finance deals with all the local machinery dealers and can also work with dealers all over UK and Ireland.

We can finance items like, Tractors, Handlers/Shovels, Cultivation and Grass Equipment, Harvesting equipment, Zero Grazers, Diet Feeders, Milking Parlours, Milk Tanks, Heat Detection Systems, Auto ID Systems, Quads, 4x4s

Please call us if you do not see your item on the list as this is only a few examples.


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